Creative Food Cycles OPEN CALL – Food Interactions has been extended until 25.01.2019 in order to promote the collection of best practices at international reach.

CFC is seeking projects and initiatives that are active in sustainable food cycles in new “creative” forms – that emerge from the technological advances of digitisation, from new forms of experience and from new design inventions.

The Food Interactions catalogue will be structured in three parts, so the submission should answer to one of the following parts of the Food Cycle:

  • production to distribution
    (i.e. innovative design for hydroponic-aquaponic gardens, 3D food printing, etc.)
  • distribution to consumption
    (i.e. new forms of marketing, sharing economy, conviviality models etc.)
  • consumption to disposition
    (i.e. food recycling for new design services and products, innovative packaging etc.)

All the material collected will be edited for an open access on-line publication (with ISSN).

Announcement of results on this website

NOTE: the submitter does not necessarily have to be the author of the project. Please upload all the requested information according to the detailed call provided here:

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