Food Shakers | Food Remakers Workshop investigated the processes after consumption phase of Food Cycles and how design based on creativity and conviviality can express new interactive ways to enhance circular economy in everyday life activities. The aim is to explore experiences about food waste as new material – from organic food waste to the creation of new industrial materials – or food waste and food packaging for new products – from organic food waste to real product for consumers, or new processes from food waste to recycle with another use and new social processes.

Food Shakers | Food Remakers Workshop _ Participants
(ph. Matteo Paolillo for Creative Food Cycles)

The workshop took place on 17-18-19-20-21th of June at the School of Architecture and Design of the University of Genoa, involving 48 participants in design and exchange activities. Among these, 35 selected contributors forming 11 working groups, focused on 3 different topics in order to explore the second life of food waste, by offering new potentials meaning and spatial combination in product design reinterpretation. In particular, the overall external audience attracted at the SUQ Festival reached more than 500 people in just one day.

Food Shakers | Food Remakers Workshop _ Participants
(ph. Matteo Paolillo for Creative Food Cycles)

Workshop topics

  1. New Materials > for the industry
  2. New Products > for the users
  3. New Processes > for the society

The work programme has been structured over the five days and includes: Design sessions in an open workshop environment, Laboratories, Artistic Performances and a closing International Meeting to enrich the creative exchange and debate among participants and contributors, by interpreting:

  • food waste for coping with the future challenges, creating and developing new materials new materials for the industry;
  • food waste as educational medium, raising social awareness for both renewable and non-renewable resources among the consumers;
  • food waste for enhancing networks of peer-to-peer producers, reusing and recycling in order to foster new processes.
Food Shakers | Food Remakers Workshop _ Projects and Prototypes
(ph. Matteo Paolillo for Creative Food Cycles)

The participants learned about new Bio-materials, Circular Economy, Food Metabolism, Advanced Urban Farming and Material tinkering from foodwaste, thanks to the inputs of both CFC Partners (LUH, IAAC and UNIGE) and the invited external experts.

Food Shakers | Food Remakers Workshop _ International Meeting
(ph. Matteo Paolillo for Creative Food Cycles)

Moreover, the contributors, coming from different fields of expertise, had the opportunity to showcase the designed prototypes within the 2019 edition of SUQ Intercultural Food, Art&craft, Music Festival that, with its emphasis on Mediterranean food culture and performing arts, represents the opportunity to make this revolution comprehensible and acceptable to all, through the immediacy of the artistic language.

Food Shakers | Food Remakers Workshop _ Suq Festival
(ph. Matteo Paolillo for Creative Food Cycles)

One of the main objectives of the workshop was to be able to involve citizens within a dynamic and stimulating context such as that of the festival. Thanks to the performing arts it has been possible to create an artistic performance with a professional actor. The performance brought together the ideas and experiments of the participants’ projects and the artistic and emotional sensitivity.

Food Shakers | Food Remakers Workshop _ Artistic Perfomance
(ph. Matteo Paolillo for Creative Food Cycles)

Also the educational workshop for children organized by a group of workshop participants was a moment of educational and stimulating play of great interest and involvement.

Food Shakers | Food Remakers Workshop _ Educational workshop for children
(ph. Matteo Paolillo for Creative Food Cycles)

Here you can learn more about the workshop output and prototypes developed during the workshop (Free online version):

GROUP 1 – Galalight
self-made table lampshade with natural bio-plastic
Luca Cangialosi, Pierre Picozzi

GROUP 2 Biorigami
bioodegradable food packaging with origami design
Martina Caprari, Vanessa Sanna

bio-resin prototypes and compostable plates
Giulia Centineo, Margherita Lequio, Li Changrui, Shi Xinran

GROUP 4 – Loofah
lamp and eggs packaging design with natural fibers
Shijing Wang, Wenjing Chen, Qiulin Liang

GROUP 5 F-Ananas
textiles design made of bio-ananas fibers
Cao Zheng, Liu Fei, Liu Xiaodong

GROUP 6 Coffee Puzzle
puzzle game for children with biodegradable coffee paste
Sharon Giubilo, Daniele Rossi, Ludovica Sabbatini, Serena Vaglica

reusable and multi-functional plate design with rice husks
Nicol Guglielmi, Chiara Lorenzo, Mirko Sostegni

GROUP 8 Hanging Plates
plates design made of peanuts peels hanged on ecological panel
Camila Larrosa, Julieta Coppa, Lucia Navarro, Claudia del Arco

GROUP 9 BoFish
textiles design with bone and cartilaginous fish waste
Francesca Mercadante, Omar Tonella

GROUP 10 DishBratta
cutlery-set and products design with coffee grounds and bio-resin
Andrea Montaldo

GROUP 11 Modurouz
coasters and game tableware design with rice/food waste
Ghrairi Wassim, Ilef Sebai

Food Shakers | Food Remakers Workshop _ Projects and Prototypes
(ph. Matteo Paolillo for Creative Food Cycles)

All the projects were discussed during an open presentation session with the public, with the aim of providing feedback, criticism and further suggestions tailored to all participants, by an international multidisciplinary jury and by the citizenship itself.

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