The Itinerant Exhibition represents a significant series of international cultural exchanges based on audience development among partner and hosting cities as real knowledge embassies, promoting the philosophy of Creative Food Cycles.

The main idea is to display the activities, the practices and the outputs produced so far by the project, such as the Food Interaction Catalogue, or re-collecting the experiences developed through the Crossover Workshops as well as the setting up of the Installations.

In order to reach a wider audience diffusion, the exhibition is open for free and is aimed at professionals from architecture, product/event design and artistic oriented disciplines, at professionals from public organizations and administrations related with urban space as well as to the general public, the latter with the aim of raising interest in food cycles in urban areas among non-professional audiences.

The itinerant exhibition will be displayed for two weeks each of the partner cities in parallel to local cultural events and will be hosted by renowned galleries and cultural spaces according to the following calendar:

CFC Exhibition Barcelona
IAAC _ Caixa Forum Foundation                                 15-27  Nov 2019

in collaboration with > Responsive Cities Symposium

CFC Exhibition Ljubljana
MAO _ Museum of Architecture and Design              12-13  Feb 2020

in collaboration with > Future Architecture Platform

CFC Exhibition Antwerp
MAS _ Museum aan de Stroom                                  * postponed                                                                                     to be announced

in collaboration with > MAS Antwerp à la Carte

CFC Exhibition Porto
to be confirmed                                                            * postponed                                                                                     to be announced

CFC Exhibition Montpellier
ESAM _ Ecole Supérieure d’Architecture                     * postponed                                                                                       to be announced

in collaboration with > FAV Festival Architectures Vives

CFC Exhibition Genova
UNIGE _ Albergo dei Poveri                             31 Aug – 10 Sept 2020

in collaboration with > Festival del Mare Porto Antico

CFC Exhibition Hannover
LUH _ Leibniz Universität Hannover                          17-30  Sept 2020