CFC Festinar Experience


edited by:
Silvia Pericu, Manuel Gausa, Alessia Ronco Milanaccio, Giorgia Tucci
DAD Department Architecture and Design | UNIGE

Enhanced by the situation caused by Covid-19, the fragility of supply and social divisions seen through the lens of food became evident, but also the role of food to trigger social bonds, to carry the desire for community activities and public space, and to connect digital transition and an augmented dimension of conviviality: an online banquet as a relational process of exchanges made of moments of confrontation, discussion and movements in interaction.

The CFC International on-line Festival (CFC Festinar) was celebrated on
December 11th, 2020 as a digital event with multiple on-line guests, creators and shared performances. During this occasion an exhibition of design products, a market of ideas and
a food fashion show took place in the abandoned heritage building, Albergo dei Poveri in Genoa, by involving citizens, cultural associations, local authorities, and professionals with the aim to demonstrate the potentials of recycling materials (including food wastes) as drivers for performative actions, social cohesion, and new economies for the city.


Pericu, S.; Gausa, M.; Ronco Milanaccio, A.; Tucci G. (Eds.): Creative Food Cycles Experience Festinar: a virtual banquet for an innovating research celebration. Genova University Press, 2021

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ISBN: 978-88-3618-066-0 / ISSN: 2724-184X
Published online: February 2021