Creative Food Cycles Videos – Activities Report

Images convey. This simple and unequivocal statement has become more and more significant in the contemporary society. Videos have a special expressive ubiquity within human culture, becoming a powerful vehicle for education, leisure and communication, while narrative and representational aspects of this “form of dialogue” make it a wholly unique form of art.

The change of paradigm regarding food as urban element is provoking major innovations in the concepts and modes of food culture and economy, of everyday urban practices, and it is also strongly affecting our vision of urban futures. Using videos to share a quick glance on the activities developed so far within the Creative Food Cycles project, means to collect different site-specific stories —not just what the people involved brought to the project and how our main audience react — but where and how these activities come together, creating new knowledge and spreading it through a direct engagement experience.

The following videos represent a synthesis of events and outputs produced during the collection of best practices, teaching modules, workshop activities, open public event and building of art-installations, in Barcelona, Hannover and Genova.

CFC Workshop Barcelona _ Themes & Results
(Video: IAAC, Federica Ciccone for Creative Foods Cycles)

CFC Portable Installation Hannover _ Foodshed Convivium
(Video: LUH, Mohamed Hassan for Creative Foods Cycles)

CFC Workshop Genova _ SUQ Public event & Roundtable
(Video: UNIGE, Matteo Paolillo for Creative Foods Cycles)
CFC International Symposium _ 3 Sessions x 36 papers x 251 participants
(Video: LUH, Emanuele Sommariva for Creative Foods Cycles)