Food Crossover Workshops are meant to be an integrated, co-production journey, by applying different visual-artistic techniques and co-design principles, as an expression of a plurality of voices.

The workshops are aimed at target groups of professionals coming from the fields of architecture, design, performing arts and artistic crafts for empowering their professional skills in co-creation stages and building their capacity to further attract diverse audience by habit / by choice

The open workshops will be thematically linked one per each phase of the Food Cycle, and in particular will be developed acoording to the following calendar of appointments:

Workshop Barcelona
(phase 1) production to distribution               04-06  May 2019

IAAC (lead) + LUH, UNIGE and invited experts / artists

Workshop Hannover
(phase 2) distribution to consumption            23-25  May 2019

LUH (lead) + IAAC, UNIGE and invited experts / artists

Workshop Genova
(phase 3) consumption to disposition             17-21  Jun. 2019

UNIGE (lead) + LUH, IAAC and invited experts / artists